Exposure Unit (Part 2) from this point and Onwards!

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This excludes the Hermes (Professional client) section of the unit as this was marked separately.

You will find all my exposure work relating to the Gallery + Professional Development section from this point onwards!!! Continue to Scroll upwards to view all work! There will be no work relating to this unit underneath this post.

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Mental Health Video

For part of my final project at university , I decided to collect together a variety of responses on what people thought about mental health for my research. And rather then displaying the information than I usually would , I decided to create a video instead. I really enjoyed this project and found it rather interesting to see the different responses of each individual.

I made a longer video where I included in everyone I asked and then I also made a shorter one for the purpose of the upcoming presentations we had for our FMP.

Shorter Video. (Here is an replica of the previous upload (Longer Video). Except I have shortened the video down by just selecting the best Reponses I got from this mini project.)

Longer Video.