Research Final zine (Not the final hand in zine)

Displayed in the link below is one of my final test zines for this current project.This is not my overall final zine for hand in. This was a test zine I created with adding in some relative research from this current project. I decided to exclude this research (test shoots/inspirational artists) in the final zine as I felt it disrupted the whole theme/flow of my final images and the important meaning behind them. I wanted the images to express my project rather than the research. Therefore I decided to keep my research just within the blog itself . I also felt the portfolio/zine looked more professional with the less research displayed. I found the most important aspect of it was the images which display the story of my whole entire project. Also my theme was based on a series of images which would all be displayed in black and white and I felt this didn’t fit as well with the overall effect I wanted to portray with the test shots and research in colour. I was really pleased with the chosen design for my final zine and I enjoyed experimenting with different layouts.

Final Zine x Template – Research Included


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