Mixing Daylight with Ambient Lighting Workshop

Mixing Daylight with Ambient Workshop


. Dragging the shutter – Set the flash and the ambient light to the same aperture.


.ISO, Shutter, Aperture


.With the flash you just need to work with your ISO and Shutter.


. Flash isn’t the dominant source of light.


. Flash Gun (Best Device to use)


. Meter reading of the ambient light (background), then set this to your camera.


. Flash 5.6 (Aperture)


. Balancing the flash and ambient Aperture.


For the first half of the day we were to go outside on location and work with using the flash with the ambient lighting.  I found this workshop very useful and fun and it was interesting to see the different sources of lighting you got with two when contrasting the two light sources together. In our groups we each had a go at trying out shooting, and as we were shooting we were asked to try changing the shutter to see what different results we got.


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