Working with Continuous and Ring Lighting


Using Continuous (Studio) and Ring light

For each workshops we were placed into groups of four of five and worked as a group to create some interesting shots with different lighting techniques.

Camera settings for Flash :

Flash : Daylight

Shutter : 1/125

Aperture : 5.6

ISO: 100


Refresher Workshops and Learning to Work with the Ring Light


For the second half of the day we were shown how to setup and use the ring light and to see how through using this piece of equipment it creates a nice halo around the model. As well as that we were also able to have a go at working with continuous lights and working with blinds and curtains and working with the type of shadows these items create, and also working with the surfaces of the skin to see the sort of results we gained. I really loved these workshops and found it really interesting working with the lighting and trying out the different styles of lighting and how it falls onto the subject. I also enjoyed working with the bright vibrant background, this worked really well with the ring light.


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