Colour Darkroom Recap – Workshop

For this Workshop , we were to recap over how to develop are colour Negatives and make sure we know how to use the colour charts Properly.  Our first task was to print out a contact sheet. The exposure was set to around 7.7. I found this timing was perfect for the contact sheet. The images were clear and exposed correctly.

Colour Darkroom 1

Are next task was to then choose an image from our contact Sheet’s and work with getting the exposures right.

We were asked for our test stripes to set the exposure to 4 seconds.

Colour Darkroom 2

Once we had then tested out this , we was then able to work out from the test strip which exposre time worked best. For  me it was 16 seconds.

The colour setting were set at :

Magenta (M) 60

Yellow    (Y)  70

Cyan      (C    0

)  Colour Darkroom

Once I knew the exposure time I wanted , I then did a complete test strip with those settings.

Colour Darkroom 3

When looking at the results , I found there was a tad hint of green flowing in the image , therefore with using the colour chart , I worked out that I need to -10 from what the Magenta was set out.

So previously it was set at 60 , so I then changed it to 50 and did another test strip to see if this was any better.

Colour Darkroom 4

As you can see by the results , by changing the setting’s of the Magenta it got rid of the green highlight. I was then able to print the whole image now that the setting and exposure were accurate.

Colour Darkroom 5

I decided to leave a border to add to the professional look. I was really pleased with the results and felt I understood the way in how the colours work clearly.

Colour Darkroom 6

Above is an example of another Test strip I tried out just at the end of the session.

I really enjoyed this workshop and by going over it again , it made me more confident in knowing how to correctly expose and work with the correct settings/colours.


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