Fibre Based Printing Workshop Recap

For this Workshop , we were to recap over what we have done previously , but to help us with gaining confidence and being able to handle the fibre based printing by ourselves.

Here are my results from the session:

Fibre Based Printing 1

To start off with I had my settings set to :

Gradient : 3

And then the timings were set at 5 seconds per strip. I firstly used the dividers for the test strip to allow me to see which lighting and timing worked best.

From the Test strip , 10 seconds looked about right for me , at the gradient 3.

I then did another test strip , but a full coverage , instead of using the divider.

Fibre Based Printing 2

I found from the results of 10 seconds , it may of slightly been to light, therefore I decided to take the time down by two seconds. (Still keeping it at Gradient 3)

Fibre Based Printing 3

As you can see from the results of the 8 second strip , its slightly better and the details are more intense. I also changed the gradient up by half a stop. (Gradient :3 and a half)

Fibre Based Printing 4

I wanted to mainly focus on the detailing of the face , so I decided to keep to the gradient of 3 and a half , but took the stop up by 1 and a half. (Gradient : 9 and a half)

Fibre Based Printing 5

I found that possibly the strip before was slightly to light and the details weren’t as sharp , so on this test strip I decided to put the gradient up to 4. But keep to the 9 and half seconds.

Fibre Based Printing 6

I was still not entirely happy with my results , so I decided to put the seconds up to 10 of exposure time. But still keep the gradient to 4.

As I still wasn’t entirely happy , I decided to do another test strip but bigger. So what I did was expose the whole test strip for 10 seconds. I then got a piece of card and held it over and exposed each section for 2 seconds , so I could work out the best lighting possible. As there were a lot of different light sources coming from the image , I found it harder to expose the whole entire image perfectly.

Fibre Based Printing 7

From here I was then able to work out , the estimate settings I wanted and was able to print the image at a larger/full scale.


Timing : 10 seconds for the whole image.

Gradient : 4

Then after I had exposed the image for ten seconds. I did a bit of dodging and burning into the image. In the lighter section , I hovered my finger underneath the lens and flickers my hand to expose just that section that needed a bit more light exposed to it to bring out the details. The reason I flickered my hand and didn’t just hold it there was so I didn’t get a sharp line across the image.

Fiber Based Printing 8

With working with a difficult print , I found I learnt a lot more. it allowed me to experiment more with the lighting and settings.




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