Introduction to Research and Ideas

Major Project INTRODUCTIONBrothers Grimm - Moodboard 5Brothers Grimm - Moodboard 6Distressed Fashion Moodboard 4Mental Health Moodboard 2Story Adapation- Moodboard 3Thomas Czarnecki - Moodboard 1


Final 8 Page Editorial Spread (PDF)

When creating the layout of our InDesign , our initial idea was to add text , but after having some feedback , we decided to exclude the text and focus more on the imagery. We decided to cut a few weaker images out as well and make the stronger ones larger so they stood out to the audience. We also realised when adjusting the pages we was able to display them onto A3 and so that they weren’t cut in half into A4 size.


Final Photos printed on A3 Satin Paper:

Final Photos Printed

Editorial Spread (Digital)