Choosing Name Titles + Quotes

Link to Document: Quotes and titles

During the unit, I thought it best to work on having a title with each image and a quote. To decide on the title for the images, I typed up the mental illness in the thesaurus and then looked at the options of other words that came up relating to that one. I then had a browse through the options and picked the one that I found stood and spoke out to me the most. With my images, even though I’m wanting the viewer to understand and read what I’m trying to express, I didn’t want to make it too obvious in the title with what it was.

The idea for the quotes was to take either words/quotes from the films that linked with that character and online sources that I found would work as the voice of each character. As even though we are looking into the stories, I want the viewers to read it in 1st person, as if there the voice. They are seeing it from the characters perspective. Once I had chosen my quotes and titles I then asked around to see what other people’s thoughts and opinions were of them. And again I had a lot of positive feedback.
When it comes to mounting the work, I shall be placing these titles + quotes underneath each characters print.

I have also titled my project as: ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE. A SERIES OF MENTAL HEALTH IMAGES. I found this fitted in perfectly with my project.


Once Upon a Nightmare


A series of mental health images


Characters titles + Quotes 


1.    Alice in Wonderland


Title: Repetition  


Quote: “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.”


 With having each character talk in first person, I thought this was more powering.

2.    Snow White


Title: Overdose 


Quote: “Wait to you taste one deary.”

3.    Jasmine


Title: Uncontrollable  


Quote: “I can’t eat. Because I look fat today. Because I look fat every day. Because I’m fat.”

4.    Mad Hatter


Title: Alternating 


Quote: “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” 

5.    Peter Pan  


Title: Anxious 


Quote: “It sucks doesn’t it? Felling like you’re not good enough.”

6.    Robin Hood  


Title: Infliction   


Quote: “The water is clear, but your wrist are stained. Your face says happy, but your eyes say pain.”

7.    Tinkerbell


Title: Distress


Quote: “Your insecurities have too much of an imagination. Be careful with that.”

8.    Rapunzel  


Title: Desolation   


Quote: “When depression takes over and I can’t push through it. I have to close my door and shut the world out. It’s the only way I know how to survive.”

9.    Beast


Title: Inhibited


Quote: “For who could ever learn to love a beast.”

10.                       Prince charming


Title: Addiction  


Quote: “I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs, I’m addicted to escaping reality.”

11.                       Belle


Title: Derangement


Quote: The girl is strange, no question.”

12.                       Ariel


Title: Despair


Quote: “They don’t see what hurts you until it kills you.”


13.                       Sleeping Beauty


Title: Restlessness


Quote: “I want to sleep but my brain won’t stop talking to itself.”



Editing The Final Images

Link to Document: Editing the final images

When it came to whittling the final images down, I had to think long and hard with what I wanted to achieve in post-production and what I was going to create to symbolise the mental health issue and make it stand out. With spending a few hours looking through each shoot, I managed to come up with the top few, in which I asked around others to see what their opinion was and with explaining what I wanted to Photoshop, I managed to then whittle it down even further until I had the very final shot I wanted to work with for each character.

It took me over a month working on all of the images, and with not having much experience on post production before, I am very proud of what I achieve with the final results.

During editing, I was suggested to download a programme called ON1 effects by another photographer and I was glad I did as I was able to have a play around with the effects and with wanting to create a dark overlay on each of my images so that they blended in more as a series, I managed to find a black and white effect that worked perfectly on top of the coloured image. Even though the characters are based on fairy tales and they are all portrayed in bright colours, I didn’t want the images to look too ’happy’ otherwise it would take the meaning and seriousness’s of the mental health issues I was trying to portray within each character.

Overall I am very pleased with the final results and with having constant feedback I was able to make a few small adjustments here and there but now feel fairly positive with having the final edited images.
When expressing and showing my work to individuals, they have given me nothing but positive feedback and said they hope my work inspires many others within the near future which is a great confident booster in itself.
My next step forward after post production is to test what paper I would like to mount my images on and how I’m going to mount them.

ON1 Effects

Alice in Wonderland

a 1

When I first brought the image into Photoshop, I had a play around with both the levels and exposure. Before editing, I found the image slightly too bright, therefore I wanted to tone it down a bit.
As you can see in the image already there is a clock, but due to the fact it’s covered in leaves, I couldn’t cut out this one. But during the shoot I thought ahead into post production and shot the clock separately on its own in the location so that in post-production later I would be able to cut it out and place it into the image. Not only that but it would make it easier to duplicate the clock over and over again.

Adding in the clocks:

a 2

a 3

a 4

Once I added all the clocks in, I was able to blend the base of the clock in with the leaves. To do this I used the clone stamp.
After I had done all this and was happy with the final image , I then went into the ON1 effects which I download to my laptop and synced up with Photoshop and had a play around. Once finding the correct tone, I managed to find out that the black and white filter worked best over my images. In a matter of fact, I used this for the rest of my images so that they flowed and worked nicely together as a series.

Process of ON1 Effects:

a 5

a 6

I selected the dynamic contrast section and then had a play around with the black and white colours in this section.

dynamic contrast

Before you were able to edit or change an images tonal in ON1 Effects you had to make sure you always flatten the layers.

drop down

Playing with the effects until I got the final results. With the final images, I also wanted to work with a sharp effect look which was great when it came to experimenting with the ON1 programme.
I will continue to edit all of my images throughout in the same style on the programme so that they fit nicely together and the audience are able to link them up more easily.


Final Design Layout 

final a

Snow White

With this idea, I didn’t need to Photoshop as much in comparison to the previous shoot. Again the only thing I needed to do for this image, was cut out the image of the medication I took and place more within the image I took in camera. Once I had adjusted this, I was then able to take the image into ON1 Effects and change the detailing of the image. (Again using the dynamic contrast selection)

I cut out the tablets then placed them into the final image u had chosen to use:

a 1

a 2

I then changed the opacity of the tablets to make them blend in more and look realistic.

a 3

Again before placing the image into ON1 Effects, you have to make sure you always flatten the image.

a 4

a 5


The plan of action for the next image was to have the character flying on a magic carpet over the university landscape. (The measuring tape that the model will be covered in will represent the mental health issue).
To create this image I had to cut out both the model and carpet separately and then place them both into the landscape image.
I did try playing with the opacity but found this didn’t work as it looked more like a ghost like figure.
Once I was satisfied with the images, I then took it into ON1 Effects.

j 1

j 2

Cut outs:

j 3

j 4

The final effect:

j 5

Mad Hatter

For this next image, I had been previously stuck on the idea of either using the slow shutter speed images, or placing the character into two separate teacups. In the end, I opted for the two separate teacups. I also thought this would be a clearer way of expressing to the audience what illness I am trying to express.
To create this image, I had to cut out both versions of the character (a happy and sad look) and then downsize each one so I was able to place them onto my teacup image. I opted for the image where there were two teacups either side.
At first I tried it on the tea table setup image but found the character was too small, therefore I decided to work with a closer up image of the teacups so the audience were still able to see the finer details.

m 1

Cut outs:

m 2

m 3

First Test Image:

m 4

Final image design: I then took the image to darken it in ON1 Effects.
Again I made sure that the image was nice and sharp too.

m 5

Peter Pan

The idea for this next character was to cut out the figure of the character and duplicate this. With the duplicate version, I will then change the opacity and create it into the shadow, and within the shadow I will have text written that is related to anxiety (The chosen mental health for this character). I will then place the two figures onto the landscape I have shot. Creating it so that the shadow is attached (holding on) to the other figure. This will represent all the feelings that are attached to someone suffering with anxiety.

p 1

I then removed this dark line mark that was located on the character.

The two figures:

p 2

p 3

p 4

Again the final image will be taken into ON1 Effects.

Robin Hood

With this next image, I felt with the final choice I didn’t need to edit or adjust much of the image except from smooth out the cuts which were allocated on the models arm. Once this had been edited, I was then able to finish the final touches in ON1.

r 1

r 2


Again this was another image that I didn’t need to alternate much as I found I had capture near enough everything I wanted to within the one shot.

t 1

t 2

t 3

Out of all the final images, this one was in fact my favourite. One reason being it was such a personal image, but I found I had really captured the true emotion of suffering within this image.


The Rapunzel image was another one I felt I didn’t need to do much too except brighten up the image a lot more before placing it into the ON1 Effects.

b 1

b 2


Unlike some of the previous images, I needed to do a lot more post production on this image. My idea was to have both the beast reflection and surgery line reflection in the one mirror, which will then be later photos hoped onto the chosen landscape.

c 1

Above is the mirror base image that I used. I then cut out the shape of the beast character and photo shopped it into the mirror by the right hand side and change the opacity so it blended in more.

c 2

c 3     I then changed the opacity of this character.

I needed to then crop out the mirror, which I will then place onto the landscape.

I then had to neaten up the line at the bottom of the mirror:

d 1

d 2

Once I had aligned the mirror line up, I was then able to Photoshop it onto the landscape.

I had to also make sure the mirror blended in to the background. To do this I used the clone stamp tool.

Then from there I could change the colouring of the image through ON1 Effects.

d 3

d 4

The final effect added to the final image.

Prince Charming

With the prince charming image, as I had already completed the majority of the work in the camera shot, then leaving it all down to post production, I only had to edit on the ON1 Effects to the image. (I always made sure I used the same overlay effect on all the images so they matched up)
I also adjusted the levels and altered them slightly.

e 1

e 2


With the next shoot. I had a lot more editing to do to get the final result. The idea around this one was to have two versions of the person in an erratic state. I will then cut out the model and place her into the glass jar. Once this has done I will then adjust the final colours in ON1 Effects. With looking into the image, I will look into adjusting the colour of the sky separate so it’s not as dark as the foreground of the image. I purposely wanted the foreground of the image to be relatively darker as this is where the meanings of the image are taking place.
After selecting the top images, I was able to choose the top two best ones I thought represented the most emotional state. I originally looked into having 3 but with having a rough play of the measurements, I found only two would fit in the jar.

Cut outs:

f 2f 1

When editing, because the shots were taking at different timings, you could see the difference in dress colour, therefore I had to alter this in post-production.

Before final image:

f 3

Final After:

aa 1

To enhance the colour of the sky separate, I had to deselect the foreground section of the image and then adjust just the section I had selected.


This was the final image in where I didn’t adjust much. The only similar editing technique I did, was the same in the Belle image where I selected the top end of the image and added more colour into the waves and detail. Bringing it back, because previously before the image was edited, it was an off-white colour and didn’t look as appealing. I also flattened out the sand and got rid of a few indents that I found distracting.
As well as that I enhanced the colours of the red and green to make the characteristic of that character stand out.

ariel 1

ariel 2

The sand had been smoothed out slightly, I found with doing this , it was less distracting.

ariel 3

ariel 4

Sleeping Beauty

As I’ve mentioned previously throughout my project, the sleeping beauty character was a last minute decider, mainly down to the fact of experimenting with the final layout and finding that I needed an extra image.
The idea for this one was to place multiple amounts of hands around her body and coming up from underneath her. Representing the idea of been constantly awoken and being agitated whilst trying to sleep.

To start off I had to cut out the arm of the model that was already in the image. Without realising the model was wearing a ring, so I had to take this into account and remove the ring as well so it was less distracting.
Once I then cut out the shape of the arm, I was then able to add a bit of shadow into the image when placing it into the different areas of the body.

hand 1

The shadow depended on the area the hand was located in.
I then had to remove the redness from the arm with the clone stamp and blended the hands in more with the body to make it more natural and realistic.

hand 2

The final result:

hand 3

Overall I am ecstatic with my final results. I found that with each individual character I managed to achieve exactly what I wanted to. Throughout this unit I have found I have had constant positive feedback which I know has played a huge part in keeping my motivation levels high for this project and for my sister too. I feel the series of images flow well together.
My next step is to look into having titles for each image and possible some quotes where the characters are speaking and expressing elements that you would connect with that illness there suffering with.

New Character – Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Mental Illness: Insomnia
With having worked out that the final layout will be in print format rather than book, I then had to look into working with another image to fit with the new idea.
With having to research back to a final shoot, I needed to scout out all the images and information I had on that previous shoot. I also had the option of shooting another shoot, which at this point I did not mind doing, but with having sourced one of my previous images, I found it fitted in perfectly. I would now just need to create it into a brand new image by the use of post-production.

With having still been in contact with the model I used, I was able to get her to sign the model release form and explain my idea of what I wanted to do with the image and what it was part on and she was happy enough for it to be part of the collection.
With looking at the shoot I had previously done, a lot of the poses the model portrays are sleeping poses, being that the original shoot was focusing on Curley’s wife in of mice and men, capturing her peacefully sleeping (yet in reality she’s dead) but because of her beauty, she just looks asleep and this is where I got the idea of using the character sleeping beauty. Having that connection there with the fantasy/Disney stories I was looking into with all my other shoots.

My idea with post production:
Of course once I have chosen the final image (preferably I will be using the one I am using in my portfolio as I feel this one supplies the most dramatic effect) , I will be then able to start the work on it. My idea around the mental health issue is based on insomnia. The concept I had for this character was to have her in a lying position (which I’ve already captured) and then place a variety of different hands on her body. At this point it doesn’t sound as clear, but I will play around and have a go at making it look as natural as possible. The idea of the hands is the fact they will represent the constant aggravation one suffers with trying to fall asleep. A person suffering with insomnia has the inability to fall asleep. It’s a day to day struggle and can lead to a lot of tiredness and frustration. So with having the hands there, it then represents that constant feeling of being woken up, provoked, and irritated and all the other feelings that come with someone suffering from this.

With having the eyes shut, I thought this wouldn’t work as well, but then again the audience will see it more clearly by the person being as sleep, they are constantly being awoken. Whereas if her eyes were open, I don’t think you would get the same effect as such.
Some of the best shots I had to choose between:


Final Image I am looking into using:


With having the model on location, rather than in a bed, it makes the concept more dramatic. Expressing that they are so tired, they can try to fall asleep anywhere or wherever they are at that current point.

Model Release Form

Sleeping Beauty

Contact Sheets

Change in Direction

Link to Document: Change in Direction

Throughout the duration of this unit, I was planning on aiming to create a final book in which I was going to present my work in. But with recently having some tutorials and workshops, I was suggested to maybe look into having the prints blown up to a larger scale, rather than placing them all in a book. With only having 12 stories at this point, it was also noted that this may not be enough to fill up a whole book.
Therefore with taking all this information in, I looked into the idea of having large prints, rather than placing them in a book format.

Recently with a few of the workshops provided for us, I asked both the tutors and students for advice with the layout and we managed to come up with a few ideas.
One of the main ideas was looking at having the prints in a variation of different sizes. With the chosen pattern we worked with, we thought this worked best.

The only problem we came across with the pattern was that I needed an extra print to make it equal. Therefore at the time I had brought along some other prints for my portfolio and found that one of them really worked well with the rest of my series. But the only problem was the image didn’t speak ‘mental health’. Therefore with coming up with some ideas I will take the image into Photoshop and have a play around and see if I can come up with anything. With doing my research and analysing the image, I found insomnia would fit perfectly within the theme and storyline and with the character sleeping beauty being a perfect match, I had that extra image sorted. Now all I needed to do was completely change the image into a brand new one.

Example of the Layout we tried out. I will continue to experiment with the layout, but I found this layout very unique and different in comparison to how a lot of other artists exhibit their work. But that being said I want to be different and stand out from the crowd and get my work noticed.

b 1

b 2

Final choice in layout:

Final layout choice. (Not to scale) or as of yet finalised. I will still continue to have a play around and see what works best.

b 3



Plan of Shoot

Mental Health: Suicide
With the Ariel shoot, this was another point I wanted to focus on within mental health and that was Suicide (a result that can lead from a person suffering with a mental health illness). With it being such a strong subject, I wanted to portray it in the most peaceful way I could, but still given access to the viewers the true meaning of what can be caused with doing it. Even though the image will look fairly peaceful, it will show that no matter how happy, calm or quiet a person is, the feelings inside may be doing the complete opposite.

I thought the idea of using Ariel and having her washed up on the shore would work great. My main inspiration throughout this whole project is Thomas Czarnecki and it was in fact his Ariel image that inspired me to create my own version.


In my own creation, I too will shoot at a beach, but I will have a plastic bag displayed over the models face (with breathing holes so she doesn’t suffocate), this will represent the suffocation which then led to the death. With having the rest of her body free, this will then express to the audience it was attempted suicide, rather than murder. If I were to make it look like a murder, I would also have the model tied up as well.

Location: Botany Bay
(This is a perfect location to shoot on a beach. I will also look into coming back and reshooting here too)



For the fourth and final time, I will be shooting with Danielle. With looking around and struggling to find models willing to do this for free, Danielle offered to help again. Due to her face being covered, this wouldn’t matter as such. As well as that we didn’t have to look into the model having makeup either.

Outfit + Hair style + Accessories
Hair: The model will be wearing a wig throughout the duration of the shoot.
Outfit: The model will be wearing a red wig, a green mermaid tail with fins and a white shell bra.
Accessories: Plastic, clear see threw bag + Hairbrush.
Equipment: Nikon D750. I will be using both flash and non-flash. Tripod and reflector. Lens: 24mm-70mm.
On the day of the shoot I will have to work relatively fast and be organised with it being the time of year and a lot colder down by the sea, the model will frequently get colder a lot more quickly, so I will have to be on my toes throughout the duration of the shoot.

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

From all the results of my shoots, I feel this was one of the best ones. Like a few of the other shoots, I will not need to do as much post production for this image down to capturing everything in camera already.
The location was absolutely beautiful and worked well on the day. Likewise on the majority of my other shoots, I was very lucky with the weather on the day. With it being a cold shoot, I needed as much sun to help warm the model up.
Danielle was great throughout the whole shoot and I constantly checked on her to make sure she was okay. During the shoot, I didn’t have to get Danielle to move much, but to stay as still as possible whilst I shot at different angles. After 2 hours or so of shooting, I managed to get a few great shots which I was rather happy with.

The colour of the hair and the mermaid tail contrasted well together and really stood out against the landscape.

With placing the bag over the models head, I found it change the whole concept of the image. This goes to show that it’s the little elements we need to think of when wanting to change the whole concept of an image.

Overall I am appreciative of the results and feel that this will be one of the strongest images within the series. I will later in post-production work on the colour effect, to try and match up all the images as much as possible. With having them as a series, I need them to flow nicely, rather than looking like an individual image. Even though they can be seen as an individual image, think they work stronger in a series.


Plan of Shoot

Mental Illness: Schizophrenia
Out of all shoots, this was one of the ones I was most looking forward too. I loved the idea of both what I am going to get the character to portray and the location for the background. To get the shot I am wanting, I will need to shoot in two location. For the model I will be shooting in a home studio and then for the background I will shoot at Rochester castle/cathedral for the backdrops. With focusing on the character, I thought these choice in sceneries would work well.

What I am aiming to portray is to firstly shoot the model portraying a variety of discomforting positions, and later on with the best poses, cut out the model from the background and place her into the landscape. But not only that, the idea I had for the landscape was to have the castle as the backdrop, and then amongst the foreground I will have displayed a glass jar in which I will Photoshop the model into. I will also place some rose petals within the landscape too. With having the character placed in a jar , it will help aid and assist the naked eye to see what it’s like to have a schizophrenic mind and that it’s in a way being trapped in your own head. As well as that, the model will be posing in a discomfort manner to show to the viewer she is unsettled.
With choosing this character, I thought Belle would fit in perfectly, with that in the film she is called mad and her father is also seen as being mad. Even though in the film they are not, to others they are portrayed as mad.

Location: Home studio (Black Backdrop) + Rochester castle + Cathedral


Valentina Pashley


With asking around, I asked another old school friend of mine who I know has had some experience in modelling and has a great interest in it. I spoke to her via Facebook and asked if she liked the sound and the idea and would be willing to participate and she seemed very open to have a go and said it sounded exciting.

Outfit + Hair style + Accessories
Hair: I will have her hair very similar to the original character. Half up in a bun with the rest of it down and curly. (I will also have the assistance of a hair/makeup artist)
Outfit: A yellow dress with silver shoes. I may in fact get the model to be barefooted as this may work better.
Accessories: Glass jar, rose petals (fake +real) – both red and white. A red choker.
Equipment: Nikon D750. Black Backdrop. Flash. Studio lighting kit. A reflector. Tripod and spare batteries/SD Cards. Lens 24mm-70mm (Tamron) and prime (Nikon) 50mm.

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

I was really pleased in the choice of model for this shoot. She fitted perfectly for the role and put her every effort into the entire shoot. I loved the expression she portrayed. With the good communication skills of me directing and her responding, we managed to capture exactly what I wanted in camera.

I later on the next day went ahead and shot at the location shoot which was also a great result and once I had both sets of images, I was able to begin the process of seeing what the final outcome would look like. I will later focus on adjusting the image and getting the effects I want through post production, but I feel I already have a lot of content to work and experiment with.

With the emotion and facial expressions being the important part, I had to ensure the model pulled this off and from the results I was very pleased to say she did this rather well.

During the shoot at the beginning I did struggle with adjusting the lighting to how I wanted it, but I managed to get there in the end and the model was patient throughout which was a bonus.
Overall I am very excited with the results and how they came out. My next step will be to whittle down to the top and then experiment in post-production in the final layout of how I want the image to be advertised.

Prince Charming

Plan of Shoot

Prince Charming
Mental Health: Addiction
Like the beast shoot, I will be working with the same model. He was a perfect fit I found for both characters. And with having to speak with him before, I needed to know in advance to order costumes, props etc. prior to the shoot. This is another focus on the side effects on what a mental health illness can lead too. A lot of mental health sufferers end up turning towards alcohol and drugs as a way of escapism. But what they don’t always realise is the results it can lead to and I wanted to portray this within this character idea.
My idea is to have the character laying down surrounded by a load of alcohol bottles. I will either take a few with me on the shoot and Photoshop them in later, or collect as many as possible on the running up to this shoot. Already at this current point, I have asked a few people to recycle me their bottles once they have finished with them. I will then later take off all the labels to save myself some work in post-production after.

Location: Rainham Country Park – Riverside (By the abandoned boat on building on route to the walk around the park)

country park



Model: Again I will be using Daniel who I used in the previous shoot (beast) Not only that but he was a great fit for the look I wanted to portray. I will be focusing on the prince charming from the film snow white.

Outfit + Hair style + Accessories
Hair: Natural + Facial hair.
Outfit: Black skinny jeans, black riding boots, a white blouse, a black cape and a burgundy waist coat.
Accessories: A fake sword, alcohol bottles (with labels peeled off prior to the shoot)
Equipment: Nikon D750. No flash. A reflector. Lens: 24mm-70mm (Tamron).

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

On the day of the shoot, the weather was quite temperamental and I was worried at one point it may rain, but with the overcast look in some of the shots, I found this worked really well. During the shoot, I had to shoot relatively quickly due to the model having to lay in a very discomforting position. I opted for shooting in front of the river where the boats were displayed in the distance. I originally had planned to shoot in front of the abandoned building found on the walk, but found this location was more fitting for the character.

Previous to the shoot, I had managed to collect a wide range of used alcohol bottles, so spent an evening of removing the labels with hot water. I thought this option was better, rather than having to spend the time to Photoshop them in when I could save myself the time by shooting it already in camera.
With the choice in outfit, I found this worked really well. With researching before and going out myself and ordering the clothes, I feel I did a great job with collectively bringing the outfits together.

Later on in post-production I feel as though I won’t need to do much accept having a play around with the exposure and textures of the image to fit with the rest of the series. I also will look into download a programme called ON1 Effects, which have some great examples and effects which you can place on top of your images.


Plan of Shoot

Mental Health: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
The idea around this one was again to be shoot over two locations. One in the studio and the other on location for the background. With this mental illnesses being able our appearance and how we feel others see us, I thought the character beast would be very suited to this role. The idea I had in my head was to photograph the model portraying a beast and the other without the beast mask, but with him having surgery lines to represent the operation in which he had work done to his face. Even though it’s portrayed a lot of women care about their looks, men do just as much but are better at hiding this. This is why I wanted to work with a male character to show it isn’t just females who suffer from their appearance.

This will be reflected via a mirror reflection. And then the idea I had was to later Photoshop the mirror with the two versions of the person in on a location setting, possible a woodland scenery. (Relating back to the images). At this current point, it is harder to visualise the final look until I’ve played around in post-production afterwards.
Location: Hucking (Just off from the A249) – This is for the shot of the landscape which will be shot separate to the day of the character shoot which will be shot in the home studio with a black backdrop.

Daniel Friday


The model I have chosen is someone relatively close to me who I know suffers personally with the way he looks. Therefore I asked and explained to him about my project and he seemed very willing to have a go and said himself it would help adjust with his own confidence. Not only that but I felt his features would work really well with the character.

Outfit + Hair style + Accessories
Hair: Natural.
Outfit: A blue suit, a smart white shirt and smart shoes.
Accessories: Eyeliner pen (for the surgery line marks), again I will have to check to see that the model is not allergic. Long mirror.
Equipment: Nikon D750. Black Backdrop, flash, continuous lighting. A tripod and a reflector. Spare batteries and SD Cards. Lens: 24mm-70mm lens (Tamron)

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

To conclude I feel this shoot went fairly well. I feel I managed to shoot as much as I could but won’t know the final results until I have a go in post-production. The model worked really hard on the day considering his confidence issues and contacted me later on to offer assistance on any other upcoming shoots in which I took upon his offer for the prince charming shoot which was also shot later on the same day.
With the final ideas, I am going to work with having two reflections in the mirror which will be placed in a location. (One of the shots from my trip at Hucking). Within the reflection of the mirror I will have one figure posed as the beast and the other a normal human being with the surgery lines on his face. I thought this was a great way to represent in how the person views himself (as the beats), but how we see them (the figure without the beast mask)

Within society and the increase in social media and Instagram, there is this whole generation of people wanting to look ‘perfect’, and the reasons for this are done to the heavily increased Photoshop images of people that are displayed on Instagram. Youngsters in particular are looking up to these figures, when in fact they need to realise a lot of the image is fake and far from the original. I feel the image I create in itself will not only speak for mental health but other serious issues that are arising more in today’s society.

Overall I had a lot of fun. I am now going to set myself the task of playing around in Photoshop and producing the best image possible to express and voice exactly what I want it to within the single image.



Plan of Shoot

Mental illness: Depression
With this next shoot, I had to make sure I planned in advance due to the location I wanted to work in. The location I was looking at to shoot in was Chatham house. Having previously exhibited in this location, I loved the area and thought this was very fitting for the mental illness depression in which I wanted to portray through the character Rapunzel. With linking back to the story , the character (Rapunzel) has been trapped in a tower her whole life which was down to her magical hair and in reality , this can cause people to feel isolated which can then lead to depression , so I thought with linking back to the story , Rapunzel was well fitting for the chosen mental illness.

My ideas were to work with the idea of either the character trying to attempt suicide by her long hair, or have her laying, sprawled out against the floor. Portraying an unhappy emotion. With the choices in rooms, I have a lot to play around with. Prior to the shoot, I had to firstly get in contact with the owner of Chatham house to organise dates of when it’s best to shoot. With it being the time of year for the exhibition shows to be taken place, I had to make sure I booked in advance.

Location: Chatham House Located near the high-street) Chatham Kent


Danielle Clark


I will be working with Danielle again who I’ve found has been a great sport in previous shoots.

Outfit + Hair style + Accessories
Hair: The model will be wearing a blonde wig, which I will plait myself on the day and then place a variety of fake flowers. (Referring back to the original character as much as I could)
Outfit: A long purple dress. (The model will be bare footed throughout the duration of the shoot)
Accessories: Mirror, hairbrush, flowers for the hair.
Equipment: Nikon D750. Flash, tripod and both the 50mm lens and the 24mm-70mm Tamron. I may also look into taking a reflector as well. Spare batteries etc. which I also take on the majority of shoots and spare SD cards.

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

I managed to capture a variety of different poses and situations on the day of the shoots. The location worked wonders and I managed to create the sense of depression and loneliness just from the location alone. Then with placing the model in the shot, it really added to the effect and what I was trying to express.
I feel the shots came out rather nicely and from the variation in ideas, I found the best results were of the ones where she was in the big open room on the second floor of the house, laying across the floor with the two windows either side. With putting a lot of effort into her hair, I had to make sure the hair was on show, because I felt this was a big reveal in who the character was. Without the hair, I don’t think it would be as obvious as to which character I was focusing on.
I used both a lot of natural lighting and flash throughout the shoot. We had the whole morning in there, so the lighting was great. I feel as if the weather was darker, the images may not have turned out as well. I thought the shadows worked really well and left a dramatic touch to the images.
Yet again Danielle was a great model to work with and we managed to pull off exactly what I had aimed in there to do.

Overall I am very satisfied with the results and will now work on the image in post-production. With the image I want to work with, I feel as though there won’t be a need for much post production, except from a few adjustments such as the exposure/lighting of the image.


Plan of Shoot

Mental Health: Social Anxiety
Out of all the shoots, this one was the most important of all of them. The reason being was down to the fact of who I was shooting for this shoot. As I’ve mentioned throughout the beginning of this project, one of the reasons I wanted to focus on meatal health was down to the fact that it was a very personal subject to me. And by personal, I meant it relating to my sister. Over the past 10 years we had to deal with my sisters attempts of suicide and suffering of both anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder. Seeing her suffering over the years has had a huge impact not on her life, but my own and those around her, so by doing this project, it’s helped not only me to understand, but for my sister and in a way a type of therapy for my family. Knowing the importance of mental health and how it can not only affect the sufferer, but the sufferer’s family too.
With this shoot, I asked if my sister would mind modelling to portray social anxiety, which is a mental health illness we both suffer with. My sister has been very appreciative of my project and has said it’s great in what I’m doing and she hopes other sufferers too will see this.

My idea for this shoot was inspired by my choice in location. Having previously shot here for other shoots, I thought this was a great use of location and space. The location I was looking into was the train track which can be found at Milton Creeks Country Park in Sittingbourne. My idea was to have the model portraying the character TinkerBell, tied up with rope to the tracks screaming. My original idea for this shoot was to have her in the jar (which she’s captured in the film) , but after some tutorials and suggestions of other students , I was recommended the idea of tying her up to something and this is when the train tracks came to mind. With social anxiety, you sometimes can feel trapped and that you can’t escaped and I feel through portraying it in this way, I will be able to pull it off.

Location: Milton Creek Country park located in Sittingbourne.


Catherine Williams


As I’ve already mentioned, my sister will be portraying the character TinkerBell. With her having blonde hair too, she would fit the role carefully. I also saw her personality being very suited to this particular character.

Outfit + hair style + Accessories
Hair: The models hair will be tied in a bun with ribbon. With the idea of pixie dust, I may look into spraying glitter within her hair to keep that original touch from the storybook character.
Outfit: The model will be in silver heels, a green fair dress (ordered prior to the shoot) and skinless tights. With there not being much coverage and the time of year shooting, I will have to constantly check on the model and let her warm up in-between shots.
Accessories: Wings, Rope.
Equipment: Nikon D750. For this shoot I won’t be using flash and will be using natural lighting. Tripod and reflector. I will also have an assistant with me on the day of the shoot as well.

Model Release Form


Contact Sheets

Outcome of Shoot

I choose a great day for the shoot and with the timings of when I shot, the sunset worked beautifully with the model. Especially with the reflection of the wings, it complemented the models outfit and model greatly.
With working with my sister, I knew it was going to be a lot easier when it came to her portraying the facial expressions of someone suffering. With her having suffered in the past, and still suffering, she was able to release her own emotions through the images. And I feel with the results, you can clearly see this through the images. Again this will be another image that I will not need a lot of post-production work as I wanted to try and capture everything in camera.
So far I feel this is my strongest image I’ve created. Not only that, it has a personal meaning behind and is one of the reasons I was inspired to create a project like this. I was very lucky with the weather and feel it really helped to complement the final look of the image. The location fitted in perfectly.
I found these images very emotional and captivating and in the desire of this, I hope that I can pull off this effect to an audience as well.